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/How IPS Invest work
R.E.S.T. Assured Invest for Income plan

Our Investment Principles

The R.E.S.T. Assured Invest for Income plan

IPS Invest have developed a specialist portfolio of investments we are proud to offer investors. Our products are based on thorough research and due diligence, giving investors the opportunity to make secure, hands-off investments, equipped with all the relevant information.

It is a myth that growth is the only genuine return offered by property. Invested wisely, property can also provide a good income. Pension funds, hedge funds, banks and other large institutions have utilised property as a core part of their income plan for many years. Additionally, property based funds are non-correlated – a further key benefit, providing  institutions with an alternative to stocks and shares (as detailed later in the guide).

At IPS, we have developed a property investment strategy – the R.E.S.T. Assured Invest for Income plan – based on four fundamental property investment principles:

At IPS Invest, we constantly scrutinise the returns offered by every investment, targeting a minimum return of 8% p.a.,  before they enter our portfolio. Each investment has a high level of security and once we are satisfied with the way the return is generated, we ask:

1. Is the return fixed or variable? 90% of our investments are fixed!
a. Type of return
i) Growth or income?
ii) Share or fixed interest?
b. What is the frequency of return
i) Quarterly, bi-annually or annually
ii) A growth option that includes an investment bonus for deferring the income until the end of the term

Every investor’s first consideration, when investing, should be: how do I exit? At IPS, we conduct a thorough audit into each investment’s exit strategy before including it in our portfolio. Our range of investments offer the following exit models, with 90% of our portfolio falling within category A

How is the investment exited?

Automatically via contract or agreement
Via sale
Via developer buy-back

Our asset-backed investments offer up to twice the value of your original investment as security or first legal charge over the assets of the fund. The capital in all instances is to be returned at the end of the term. Our investments must show-

How the capital is secured
Legal structure
Asset valuation
How the return is secured
Project forecast and illustrations
Risk Management
Analysis of factors that can affect the above
Whether these factors are within the developers control

When investing, it’s obviously important to realise how long your capital will be required – i.e.: the ‘term’ of the investment. By utilising shorter term investments, an investor can benefit from a fixed return and can also elect, in some cases, to compound their interest, paid at the end of the term. (Illustration in next section) IPS Invest offer investments with terms from 12 months up to a maximum of five years because we recognise that individuals’ situations can change and the longer the term, the more likelihood of an alteration in personal circumstances.

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