Why property as an investment?

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Property is an investment vehicle like no other.

  • Over the long term it’s an appreciating asset
  • If you invest well, your tenants will pay most or more than the cost of ownership and maintenance
  • You can borrow most of the purchase price

Why choose IPS Invest?

The founders of IPS have more than 50 years of property investment experience with specific expertise in Below Market Value Property investment. We have a strong track record of helping our clients to achieve their property investment goals in the UK and internationally.
We employ a team of property investment professionals who are equally committed to sourcing below market value property investment opportunities for our clients.
Our aim is to make investing in property simple and to break down barriers to investing in international property markets. We believe that, with the right approach, property investment provides a clear path to financial security.

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Property is the most safe and stable means of building substantial long term wealth. It is almost impossible to lose 100% of the value of a property whereas it is relatively easy with stock market shares. History has shown that property, as an investment, doubles in value every eight years. Short term fluctuations in property prices are irrelevant and have minimal impact on the investments ability to generate strong returns in the long term.

Leverage, or gearing, is one of the major attractions of investing in property. It is easy to borrow most of a property’s value, via a mortgage, and an investor can then generate a high return on the capital invested with the borrowed money. Initially only small sums of personal investment are required to begin building a property portfolio and so the return on capital through property can be far higher.

Property is a tangible asset you own and control. By furnishing the property, its possible not just to increase the rental income but also to determine the kind of tenant you attract. The tenant will then pay you rent which will ideally cover the cost of the finance, maintenance and management of your property.

As an appreciating asset bought with someone else’s money and maintained by monthly income from your tenant, why wouldn’t you want to invest in property?

By investing in property in many overseas locations you can benefit from reduced taxation in areas including rental income and capital gains. In certain cases taxation can be completely eliminated.

Additionally if you invest in a property in a sought after tourist destination, you can enjoy the added bonus of several weeks of personal use each year.

Off market property is property which can be purchased usually for less than it is currently worth and not available through high street estate agents.

Off market property has always been available, even in the halcyon days at the beginning of the 21st century. If a property is available at a below market value price, potential buyers are often suspicious about the condition or location. This is a fundamental mistake when it comes to property investment.

Be alert to the potential of BMV properties! The fact is that a number of sellers are keen to sell their property quickly and are prepared to offer a discount. We speak from experience because we have built a profitable business from BMV properties.

If you’re a serious property investor, you should aim to build a portfolio of properties.

Most people will own just one property at any one time and while these people might benefit from surges in capital growth, they are unlikely to make a living from it.

The size of your potential property portfolio depends on your available time, energy and resources. We offer a service to help you towards reaching your property goals. So whether you are running your own property business, seeking financial freedom, developing a passive income or saving for a comfortable retirement we can support you every step of the way.

Building a property portfolio is a long-term commitment which requires a minimum of 10 years to perform well. You can, at times, buy for capital gain but this depends on your risk profile and unless it is done as part of a broad portfolio, it is a high risk investment strategy.

Our experience in property means we can source the best off market properties and help you achieve your property portfolio ambitions.

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