Benefits of Having a no Obligation Pension Review

/Benefits of Having a no Obligation Pension Review
free no obligation pension review

Despite the ongoing pension crisis

More than 13 million people in the UK have never reviewed the performance of their pension to ensure it funds their retirement lifestyle goals

Even small percentage differences in yearly performance can have a dramatic effect on the short, medium and long term growth of pension policy investments. Many traditional pensions have achieved poor results over the last five years due to stock market volatility, annual charges and inflation.

It is vital  to review your pension on an annual basis (as you would your car and insurance policies and ISA investments), to enable you to make informed decisions about building a substantial pension pot to deliver your retirement goals.

The final report will include the performance of your pension over the past five years, provide a forecast for the next 10 years (based on your current pension value) and confirm your possible entitlements at retirement.
IPS are an alternative wealth management broker, specialising in property and property backed investments. Since our formation, together with our business partners we have amassed a wealth of experience to support your financial and retirement goals. IPS Invest introduce people to a variety of regulated services. One such service encompasses a review of your pension. Our role is to collate your information and provide this to a regulated financial advisor

Benefits of a no-obligation Pension Review

Time to assess your pension with a free no-obligation pension review:

  • Find out how your pension has performed over the last 10 years
  • Highlight the annual charges levied by your provider and review ways to reduce these
  • Discuss the amount you can expect upon retirement (if you do nothing)
  • Assess your eligibility for tax-free income
  • Understand the new pension changes and their potential impact
  • Trace missing pensions
  • Consolidate multiple pensions
  • Establish the current value of your pension
  • Identify declared and hidden charges
  • Find out how your pension has performed over the last five years (factoring in inflation and charges)
  • Review your options to reduce your annual fees and grow your pension pot
  • Ascertain if you qualify now ( or in the near future) for a tax-free lump sum from your pension



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